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Tour 1

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, has traditionally shown two faces to its visitors. The chaotic yet organized bustle of everyday life and a more bubbly, exciting side that is revealed only to those who venture out after nightfall. Delve deep into Hanoian nights with a privately-guided tour once the sun has set. Taste the local street foods traditionally served on miniature plastic chairs, crouch with locals to listen to the songs so beloved by the Karaoke crowds and smell the scents of a city that never sleeps.

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Tour 2

Early risers see more. This is particularly true for balloon rides over the wonders of Myanmar. Bagan with its hundreds of well-preserved temples under the golden light of an early sunrise is a sight to behold. Observe the quiet vastness of the archeological zone, feel the calm and peacefulness settle over you and take extraordinary photos from this unique perspective. We help you turn this ride into a once in lifetime experience that will take your breath away.

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Tour 3

In the North of Laos lies a small village which is home to a friendly Hmong ethnic community. We invite you to witness a Shaman chant and dance, an act believed to summon familial spirits into the house. The Shaman will offer his blessings to each participant by wrapping strings imbued with the well wishes and luck of the ceremonial participants around your wrists. Leave to the sounds of traditional Lao Kaen Music using an ancient Hmong musical instrument and continue your travels with the blessings of the spirits.

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