Simply beautiful.

Laos is becoming an increasingly popular destination in search of a truly natural, immersive and authentic experience. It is blessed with vast swathes of mountainous scenery, verdant paddy fields, warm smiling people, and some of Asia’s most sophisticated and exquisite temples. It is a country mostly untouched by the outside world.


Laos Active

Feel, touch and eat, open your sense, and learn about the beauty of this country the active way. Discovery by bicycle, trekking, swimming, Kayaking, Caving or jungle ziplines.

Lao Coffee

Coffee in the Bolavens

Taste the famous northern shadow coffee and learn everything about alternative brewing methods. Explore the beautiful Bolaven Plateau and join the daily life of a coffee farmer.

Lao Silk

Silk Culture

Cotton weaving has been passed from generation to generation for almost 300 years. Laos remains many of the traditions that have disappeared in a frenzy of development in the region.

Ethnic Diversity

Rich Ethinic Diversity

Many hill tribes live in Laos and apart from the civilization. Visit an ethnic minority villages and traditional crafts. Discover fascinating treks through Luang Nantha and more.